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The San Marcos Mission

To bring the community authentic, traditional  Mexican food with a modern twist. Knowing that food is only as good as the ingredients it is made from, we are committed to using fresh quality products with utmost respect, to sustainable growing practices, renewable products and sourcing locally. We strive to create a company that is reflective and a homage to our culture and our people's commitment to excellence.

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Our Vision

As a family owned business, Birrieria San Marcos  is a mirror reflection of  its community's hard working success. Serving the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years, on a mission to bring high quality traditional Mexican food.

Birrieria San Marcos was interchanged from a traditional taco truck to  trendsetting mobile restaurants by Nicanor Flores Jr. alongside his mother and partner, who was later joined in business by his brother. From humble beginnings their father immigrated  to the U.S. with  great ambition for success. Throughout  their childhood their father ingrained the importance of family, perseverance, respect and dedication to conquer and face any challenges.  With a strong love for the kitchen, their mother instilled in them the fundamental basics of the culinary arts. At a very young age both brothers alongside their father worked nights and weekends preparing produce and vending tacos to support their family and make ends meet.

After 18 years of street vending and opening ”San Marcos Mexican Grill,” a local restaurant in the heart of the Van Nuys, Nicanor Sr decided it  was time to retire and hand off the family business to his sons. 

Fresh Start

In 2018,  Nicanor Flores Jr, gave his father’s taco truck a twist after realizing  street food was missing a trendy yet authentic dish.  Deciding to incorporate a traditional dish in the Hispanic culture that was primarily only consumed at significant family gatherings to and every day go to meal.  He focused on selling Birria in distinct ways from traditional Birria platters accompanied by rice and beans to 5 distinct forms of tacos, with an overall emphasis on cleanliness and customer service. After a rough beginning with bare pockets, Nicanor remained ambitious and concrete. Several months flew by when people  from within the community  and from across the country began flying in to devour some of LA’s juiciest  tacos. From there on the adventure truly began, where as a family they thrive for success and excellence. 

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Continued sucess.JPG

It doesn’t stop there, with three current point of sales, they remain determined to achieve and conquer their dreams. As they seek to expand to different cities and states across the country, their mission  remains the same: to provide the community with traditional quality food with excellent customer service.


More About Us

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